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  • responded to An easy way to edit officer positions with submitted 2016-09-30 10:38:46 -0400

    An easy way to edit officer positions

    I think there should be a place on your profile or in your account that lists the officers and their positions in your chapter. Also, I think there should be an easy way to submit changes to officer positions.

    Official response from submitted

    Hey Davidson Day School! You can easily update your officer changes at the end of each semester via our renewal form, or at any time by emailing your Chapter Mentor. We'll make any changes on your behalf in our database. 

    Welcome to the campus program!

  • published US Election Season Rules & Reminders in Blog 2016-09-22 15:35:18 -0400

    US election season rules & reminders

    Hello, Chapter Leaders!

    As the US presidential election gets closer, we'd like to take a moment to inform you of a few important regulations regarding nonprofit organizations and political participation.

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  • responded to A Fundraising Suggestion Box with considering 2016-09-14 11:26:13 -0400

    A Fundraising Suggestion Box

    I think we should have a forum on the website where different chapters can share the different ways that they have been fundraising throughout the years.

    Official response from considering

    Hey Ashlee! This is a great suggestion, and something we hope to implement in the future. At this time, NationBuilder (the platform our STF Campus Portal is built on) does not support forums. We hope you'll use the campus Facebook group for discussions for now, as this is already a popular resource for chapter leaders to connect!

  • published Women & Girls in Sports in Global Awareness Program (GAP) 2016-08-15 11:27:36 -0400

    Women & Girls in Sports

    Click here to download the PDF version of our September discussion guide. 

    September Discussion: Sports & Education 

    For each girl that gains access to sports and physical education, it brings the world another step closer to gender equality. Beyond access, barriers to participation include disproportionate media coverage, a lack of corporate sponsorships, non-inclusive clothing and even the low number of women working in sports news. It’s no wonder that 7 out of 10 girls feel they don’t belong in sports. This month, we’ll discuss how girls’ and women’s participation in sports go hand in hand with education.

    The menstrual hygiene company Always jump-started a conversation on girls’ empowerment and sports in 2014 when they launched their #likeagirl campaign with this video.  It highlights the sudden disappearance of girls’ participation in sports as they give into societal pressures and stereotypes of girls’ roles in sports.

    Observe how the meaning of “like a girl” changes as girls’ get older.

    Does the expression “like a girl” exist where you live? If not, are there expressions that give similar connotations? Brainstorm ways you can you change what it means to play sports “like a girl” in your community to prevent younger girls from being deterred from participating in sports.


    Women & Sports 101

    “In many countries, it has been recognized that sport can be a force to amplify women’s voices and tear down gender barriers and discrimination,” says Lakshmi Puri, UN Women Deputy Executive Director. This transcript of her speech thoroughly discusses the obstacles women and girls’ face in sports.

    List all the barriers women and girls face in regards to sports. Which of these were you aware of and why? More importantly, which of these were you not aware of and why not? What is the UN’s approach to using sports to end gender inequality?


    Body Changes Are Driving Teen Girls Out of Sports

    You may already know that girls begin to drop out of sports during puberty. But did you know a recent study discovered it was because of their attitudes towards their developing breasts? Learn more here.

    Were you surprised by the study’s findings? Can you or anyone you know relate to this? What are the differences in the approach of assigning protective sports gear for boys and girls? Identify the solutions presented in the article. Which one do you think is most impactful and why? Conversely, why do you think the others are not as helpful?


    Sports and School for Girls in Nepal

    This video follows the life of Sabita, a 13-year-old Nepali soccer player and student. It provides insight on how sports can be used as a tool to incentivize attending school and is key in personal development.

    What role do sports play in Sabita’s life and how has this influenced her schoolwork? What point is she making when she says “I tell them, not only boys eat rice. We do too”? How has her family changed their attitudes toward education and sports? How do they support her? What is the relationship among sports, girls, and education where you live?

    Taking the issue to campus

    Sports events are notorious for gathering large amounts of people at a given time. It’s an opportunity to share what you learned by taking the most surprising facts from this month’s discussion guide (or others that you’ve learned along the way) and putting them on flyers. Hand them out at your school’s next game. Make sure to include your chapter’s/school’s social media accounts so they know where to find you for more info!

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