She’s the First’s Campus Community FAQs

Please see below for our most asked questions and answers — feel free to use the search option (Ctrl+F or CMD+F) to help narrow down what you’re looking for! If you still can’t find what you need, contact us.

The Basics

What does it mean to be a 501(c)3 organization?

She’s the First, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 501(c)3 organizations are legally recognized and regulated by the government. This means that all donations are tax exempt – something that may help you solicit donations from businesses or people writing large checks. Our EIN number for tax purposes is 65-1321437 and the official letter from the IRS documenting this may be found here. Keep it handy!

So is my experience as a Campus Chapter or Advocate also a 501(c)3 organization?

It is very important to understand that according to the IRS, your campus chapter is not a 501(c)3 organization. Legally, She’s the First Campus Chapters are independent of and function as donors to the main national STF organization. In general, this should not impact how your chapter functions. From time to time, you may encounter a donor that requests a tax receipt for their donation. They will need to make their donation directly to She's the First in your name, as your chapter is not a legally recognized nonprofit organization.

What is STF’s EIN (Employer Identification Number)?

The EIN number of She's the First is 65-1321437. The EIN number can be found on the She's the First 501(c)3 document.

Impact & Donation Questions

How do we donate the money that we've raised to STF?

There are four approved methods for sending in donations on behalf of a campus chapter:

 1. Mail a Check: Convert all cash from fundraising events into one check representing the lump sum total to be donated. Checks can be written from an organization/chapter account, or from a student or adviser's personal bank account. Print and complete the donation form to include with your check and mail to:

    She’s the First
    Attn: Tyler Harris
    PO Box 20483
    Columbus Circle Station
    New York, NY 10023

It is very important that you note the name of your chapter and the country/school you would like your funds to be donated to on this form. Otherwise, your chapter may not get credit and/or we will allocate it according to our own discretion. All checks received from your chapter will be added as manual donations to your chapter’s total on the fundraising leaderboard. You will receive an email notification when your check has been received by the office. If you have not yet received an email notification, then we don’t have your check yet!

 2. Donate Via the Campus Portal: Make a donation online directly here. Please note online donations have a processing fee.

 3. Venmo: Transfer your funds via Venmo (username: shesthefirst) with your chapter name fully spelled out in the memo field (please don’t abbreviate).  Please use your chapter’s or a chapter member’s Venmo account for fundraisers instead of listing the She’s the First account.

 4. Crowdrise: If your chapter is interested in fundraising online, you can set up a fundraising page for She’s the First Crowdrise here

What happens after we donate to She’s the First?

At She’s the First, we value transparency and are mindful of what girls need to succeed, which is why we believe in showing you how change happens. Over the past decade, we’ve studied evidence-based programs and our own work, and it’s clear that girls need life skills and sexual reproductive health training, mentorship, safe spaces, transportation, and more in order to beat the odds and thrive. We implement these programs by teaming up with local organizations in communities where educated and respected girls are the exception, not the norm. Our partners are our equals, and we work with them every day to see to it that the girls in their communities are educated, respected, and heard. 

We also know you need to show your community what change looks like! Whenever you donate to She’s the First, you’ll receive regular updates on the work we’re doing. When you donate at a certain level (see chart below), you’ll receive communications and in-depth stories from some of the 7,800 girls on the front line fighting for gender equality, in order to amplify your advocacy efforts.

$0-$299: Regular communications and updates
$300-$999: One feature of your impact (like this one!)
$1,000-$1,999: Two features of your impact, annual report mention
$2,000-$2,999: Three features of your impact, annual report mention & exclusive merch
$3,000+: Four* features of your impact, annual report mention & exclusive merch

*The number of features received will be proportional to how much is raised above $3,000.

What does our donation cover?

Just as in the past, $1000* covers an a girl’s full experience for a year. Each time you donate to She’s the First, your funds support everything from academics (classroom access and tutoring support), to sex and life education (access to reproductive health training), to life skills training (think financial literacy, mentorship, and vocal empowerment exercises).

*This is an average across the countries where we work; it does cost slightly more for boarding students and less for primary students.

What do we do if a donor to our chapter requests a tax receipt?

If a donor to your chapter requests a tax receipt, please follow this procedure:

  1. If your donor sends a check, verify that the amount is over $250.00. The IRS does not require documentation for donations under $250.00

  2. Have the donor write their check to “She’s the First” without your chapter’s name. They should write your school/chapter name in the memo field.

  3. Download the donation form and include the donor’s details in the “Donor Information” section on page 1. On page 2, include your school/chapter name under “Acknowledgement Information”. The donor will receive a tax receipt from our office, and their check will be applied to your chapter’s fundraising total.

What is the mailing address for She's the First?

The PO Box address (for mailing donations, important documents, etc) is:

   PO Box 20483
   Columbus Circle Station
   New York, NY 10023

The office address for She's the First is:

   590 Avenue of the Americas
   13th Floor
   New York, NY 10011

Chapter Related Q’s

What should our chapter constitution, executive board, and meetings look like?

Check out the She’s the First document templates here for examples that will help your chapter run smoothly. You can find samples of a chapter constitution, officer positions, and a sample chapter meeting agenda.

As a chapter leader, we encourage you to structure your meetings and activities in whatever way makes the most sense for your campus community. Chapter size, meeting frequency, executive board structure, etc. vary greatly from school to school. Choose the system that works best for you!

How do we pay for chapter expenses?

First, if you are affiliated with a school, check to see if they provide funding for campus organizations and clubs.

Members and officers should not feel obligated to cover out-of-pocket costs related to chapter events, so proceeds from events may be used to reimburse individuals for these costs relating to the event. All other profits will be donated to She’s the First. If you plan to reimburse members using some of the event funds, be sure to say “100% of profits” will support She's the First's work to fight for girls' rights and education worldwide rather than “100% of proceeds.” 

Are chapters allowed to charge dues?

Yes, but chapter dues may not exceed $20 per person per semester, and you should never exclude a student who cannot afford to pay dues. Your school likely has funds already set aside for student programming or clubs, so be sure to apply for a budget if you are able to.

Are we required to have a bank account for our chapter?

No, you are not required to have a bank account for your chapter.

If you would like to open a bank account, please keep the following details in mind:

  • You must include your school/chapter’s name in the account name. Do not open an account under the name “She’s the First” or “She’s the First, Inc.” without your school or chapter name. You may not use the national EIN number (65-1321437) to open a bank account for your chapter. This number applies to the national organization only.

  • Check with your school’s office first to see if they offer club banking before going to a standard local or national bank. If the school does not offer banking, ask if they can provide your chapter an EIN number to use at a private bank.

  • Remember that checks/donations from your chapter can be sent from an individual and still count towards your chapter. Simply deposit all cash/donations into one person’s account and have that individual write a check to She’s the First with your chapter information in the memo field of the check. Include the donation form to guarantee that your chapter is credited appropriately.

When should my chapter elect new officers?

While there is no specific requirement for when new officers are selected, we recommend creating your officer terms on a calendar year (January-December) rather than a school year (August-June). Using the calendar year system, officers will be elected in November or December of each year. The executive board will conduct an officer transition in December or early January, and the new officer terms will officially begin in January of each year. This allows outgoing officers (often seniors) to continue to serve as a resource to new officers for their first few months before leaving campus.

How do we expand our chapter with new members?

Whether you’ve just established your chapter or you’ve been around for years, recruiting new members should always be a priority for your campus chapter. Click here for information about how to find new members, keep people engaged, and have fun as a chapter.

Here are a few of our top tips:

Finding New Members

Think about where you would look if you wanted a club to join -- make sure your chapter is represented in your school’s club fair, on the student activities website, or posted on the campus bulletin board. Make it easy for members to find you, and you won’t even have to go looking for them!

Give Them a Warm Welcome

When someone new joins your chapter, make sure they know that their time is appreciated. Designate one or two officers to greet all newcomers as they arrive to your meetings and collect their contact information -- you never want someone to arrive at their first meeting, excited to get involved, only to leave unacknowledged by the other members of the group. While it can be tempting to have your executive board clustered together and talking amongst themselves before a meeting begins, make sure you use this time wisely to connect with other members.

When you’re stressing about members, remember former Chapter Mentor Kara’s advice:

"Quality over Quantity! Don't be so concerned with recruiting a ton of members right away. Be patient and share your passion through personal conversations. Concentrate on igniting that passion in others, but don't get too caught up in hearing "No". Not everyone is going want to drop everything and join you, but that's okay because when you find the ones who do you will do amazing things together!”

STF Campaigns

#BakeAChange Cupcake Campaign FAQ:

The tie-dye cupcake bake-off is a fundraising campaign that runs annually every fall. This year’s #BakeAChange will fall from Sept. 16-30.

Are we required to participate in #BakeAChange?

We welcome everyone to join the #BakeAChange campaign, our largest annual grassroots fundraiser, but it is not a strict requirement for you or your chapter If you choose not to participate in this campaign, you'll need to plan an alternative fundraiser or event sometime during the fall semester.

How do we make tie-dye cupcakes? How do we advertise our sale?

Visit the #BakeAChange website here for all of your bake sale resources. There’s a simple recipe for how to make tie-dye cupcakes and different downloads to help you spread the word about your bake sale.

Are we only allowed to bake cupcakes?

Nope! To qualify for the #BakeAChange campaign, your fundraiser only needs 3 key ingredients:

  1. a spoonful of awareness about She’s the First and girls’ rights and education

  2. a pinch of social media love with the #BakeAChange hashtag

  3. a baking time between Sept. 16-30

If your chapter’s fundraiser fits these guidelines, then it fits in the campaign.

What do I do if my school won’t let me sell homemade goods?

There are many alternatives to homemade goods. Contact your school’s catering company and see if they will donate cupcakes for you to sell instead, or try hosting a bake sale off-campus at an office or community center. Or, ask a local bakery to donate cupcakes for you to sell in exchange for advertising their offerings on your campus. For alternative #BakeAChange campaign ideas, check out our cupcake fundraising guide

#SweatForSTF Fitness Fundraising FAQ

What is #SweatForSTF?

#SweatforSTF is a community of people who use fitness to fundraise for She's the First. There is no official start/end date for this campaign, but participants are typically most active March-June and around the NYC Marathon in November. Visit the #SweatForSTF campaign site here to see who is involved. Or, click here to access the #SweatforSTF toolkit, with donation email templates and additional resources.

Can I personally fundraise through #SweatForSTF?

Yes! You can run a race and raise funds for She’s the First at the same time! Simply sign up for a race, personalize your fundraising page at, set a fundraising goal, and contact your family and friends for donations! On race day, wear colorful gear or an STF t-shirt and take plenty of pictures to share with STF and your supporters.

How can my campus chapter participate?

Your chapter can get involved in any number of ways, like challenging members to create personal fundraising goals, coordinating a 5K race, or hosting a fitness class on campus. 

Can my chapter use the Charity Miles app to raise money to go towards it’s fundraising total?

Charity Miles is a free iPhone and Android app that enables people to earn corporate sponsorships for charity while walking, running or biking. We encourage your chapter to use the app for team-building and personal fitness, however, donations made through Charity Miles will not count towards your chapter's total fundraising amount. Due to the way that Charity Miles distributes funds to their nonprofit partners, donations are received in a lump sum and cannot be separated by chapter or individual.

Social Media and Communication

Will STF HQ promote my chapter's event on Facebook?

Sometimes! If your chapter is hosting an event that you'd like us to share with the wider She's the First audience, you can send the event link to the STF Campus Team at to be shared on the main STF Facebook page as long as it meets the following criteria:

1. The event is open to the general public
2. The event is aligned with the goals and brand of She's the First (this is at the discretion of the STF staff)
3. The event is solely hosted/sponsored by a recognized STF chapter (i.e. co-hosted campus discussions or fundraisers benefiting multiple organizations will not be featured)

What is the best way to create a social media presence as a chapter?

She's the First was born on social media, and we fully believe in its ability to advance your chapter's mission and goals. Start by following the main STF accounts and other chapters on all social media platforms. You can use your accounts to share information about upcoming meetings, advertise your fundraisers, and promote relevant articles.

For a more in-depth look at creating a social media strategy, check out our guide here.

What are the official colors of She's the First?

As of September 2016, the official She's the First colors are teal, coral, and yellow. Use these primary colors along with navy and gray in your chapter's graphics and advertisements. Match our official colors using the following color codes:

  • Coral: #F85756

  • Teal: #28CAC8

  • Yellow: #FDE545

  • Navy: #0B3059

Can my chapter use the She's the First logo on our social media accounts and merchandise?

Your chapter should always use your personalized school logo on your social media accounts. You can find your chapter's logo here.

When designing merchandise, you can use your chapter's logo or the main STF logo. Please keep in mind that:

  • All chapter merchandise must show school spirit! For example, if you use the STF main logo it must be accompanied by your chapter’s name. 

  • The STF logo cannot be altered in any way. This includes changing the font, color, and formatting of the logo.

For more tips, check out the STF Branding and Style Guide. For how to order personalized merchandise, see below:

Effective December 2017, She’s the First is working with Kotis Designs to simplify and streamline the customized merchandise process for the STF Campus Community. You can reach out to with what you would like and a Kotis Designs expert familiar with STF’s brand guidelines will get back to you. Directing all of our members to a single vendor allows us to guarantee the best prices and top-quality brand management.

If you must order through another company because of school policy, please send all merchandise designs to the STF Campus Team at for approval before placing an order.

How can my chapter order customized merchandise?

Effective December 2017, She’s the First is working with Kotis Designs to simplify and streamline the customized merchandise process for STF Campus Chapters. Your chapter can reach out to with what they would like and a Kotis Designs expert familiar with STF’s brand guidelines will get back to you. Directing all of our chapters to a single vendor allows us to guarantee the best prices and top-quality brand management.

If your chapter must order through another company because of school policy, please send all merchandise designs to the STF Campus Team at for approval before placing an order.

Can my chapter use photos of the She's the First students in our promotional materials?

To find pictures of students in She’s the First programs, visit our Flickr page here. You can also use the pictures and information about the girls’ group you support that is emailed to you throughout the year. Remember to always use students’ first name only and give credit to the photographer listed in the photo's caption.

Here are some ideas on how you can share the information you receive on social media:

  • Pictured here is [Name] in [Country]. Through our chapter’s fundraising, we have been able to support She’s the First programming and girls like her.

  • Our chapter supports the [name of girls' group], a girls' group in [country]

  • STF Student [Name] wrote to us about inequality in her community in … and her suggestions on how to overcome it. We can’t wait to write back about the United States and tell her about the discussions we’re having on campus about inequality.

Please note that the young girls pictured in this photo are not STF Students, and are not affiliated with any She's the First programs. This photo keeps popping up -- we're not quite sure why! -- but out of respect to the girls pictured, we ask that you do not use this photo in your materials. 

Volunteering, Drives, and Projects

Can my chapter visit a She’s the First partner?

She’s the First’s policy is that students apply through our partners' existing programs for anything related to volunteering with them. Here a few resources along those lines that you can check out:

Please note that your affiliation with She’s the First does not guarantee you a spot with one of our partner programs, and your participation in these programs is that of an individual, not a She's the First representative.

Can I start a project at a partner school, make a documentary about She’s the First, or profile an STF Student? 

She the First appreciates your interest and support of our mission. At this time, we are unable to assist with projects outside of our current commitments. We encourage you to apply directly through the respective official channels to the programs and projects that interest you.

Do you accept school supplies, clothing, or other non-monetary donations?

Students supported by She’s the First programming are provided with school supplies, clothing, and other items necessary for their education. These items are purchased locally and support the communities they live in. Shipping non-monetary donations abroad can often be costly, difficult to track and mismatched to their needs. 

If you or your chapter is interested in collecting supplies, we recommend donating them to a local organization in need in honor of She’s the First.